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A Beginner’s Guide to the Musselburgh Flood Prevention Scheme – A video guide in 5 parts

  • Part 1: How to find and understand the drawings
  • Part 2: Helping you visualize the flood defences (River 1 & 2)
  • Part 3: Helping you visualize the flood defences (River 3 & 4)
  • Part 4: What’s happening with all the beautiful trees?
  • Part 5: The Bridges and MAT (Musselburgh Active Travel)

Talks and Presentations

A presentation by Geoscientist and Musselburgh resident Dr Simon Shackley from the public meeting on 25/11/23 to discuss flood protection options.
A presentation by Geographer and Musselburgh resident Prof Roger Crofts from the public meeting on 25/11/23 to discuss flood protection options.

Articles in the press

Musselburgh flood defence scheme could be scrapped after backlash
The National – Sun 24 Dec 2023
A petition calling for a halt to a controversial flood defence scheme is to be considered by councillors after it reached nearly 4000 signatures.
Nan Spowart

Musselburgh: Petition to halt flood scheme referred to councillors
East Lothian Courier – Wed 20 Dec 2023
A petition calling for a £50million flood scheme to be paused amid concerns over a lack of public input will be put before East Lothian councillors next month.
Marie Sharp

Petition to halt flood scheme backed by over 3,000 people
East Lothian Courier – Mon 18 Dec
A petition calling on East Lothian Council to ‘pause and review’ a multi-million-pound flood scheme will be considered after gathering more than 3,000 signatures.
Marie Sharp

Old ways must change to stop flooding
The Times – Mon 11 Dec 2023
Conventional engineering approaches founded on concrete walls are not working in Brechin or in many other parts of Scotland.
Roger Crofts

Concrete versus nature in the battle to hold back the floods
Edinburgh Enquirer – Thu 9 Nov 2023
How Musselburgh has become a test bed in one of Scotland’s fiercest environmental debates
Aimee Stanton

Questions asked about major flood defence plan in Musselburgh
The National – 29 Oct 2023
A controversial multi-million-pound flood defence project opposed by hundreds of people it is intended to protect may move a step forward on Tuesday.
Nan Spowart

Scotland’s provincial flood prevention rules are not fit for purpose
The Times – 22 Oct 2023
Troubled waters flow through Musselburgh, past the banks of the River Esk, where a pair of 6ft-high walls may soon be built.
Gabriella Bennett

Concrete versus nature: holding back the floods
The Times – 23 Sep 2023
Plans for the Esk in Musselburgh are becoming a litmus test for flood protection schemes in Scotland with campaigners clashing with councils
Mike Wade

Musselburgh: Opposition to flood protection plan gathers momentum
East Lothian Courier – 22 Sep 2023
A campaign calling on East Lothian Council to “pause and review” the controversial multi-million pound Musselburgh Flood Protection Scheme is gathering momentum
Avril Campbell

Letters: Over the top flood damage scheme must be paused
The Scotsman – 5 Aug 2023
The council claims objections have been listened to but insist this scheme, or a close version, is the only solution.
Jim Bell

Musselburgh: Petition calls for flood protection scheme pause
East Lothian Courier – 26 May 2023
Protestors have submitted a petition to East Lothian Council calling for an immediate pause to the Musselburgh Flood Protection Scheme (MFPS)
Avril Campbell